Wedding Favour Projects We Love

Over the past 6 months, we have had the honour to be a part of over 50 wedding projects and have selected some of the designs that we absolutely adore. To be honest, our selection is also limited to designs that we managed to snap some photos of. So while we find pleasure in completing all weddings with our cookies, we will only be showing some highlights that we have compiled 😊

Abstract style in olive green, cream and coral

Simple navy background + Colourful spine created with brushstrokes.

Different shades of blue

Elegant floral style in purplish grey tones

Heartfelt message for the guests

(Label design as seen in the above video!)

❤ Such cute hashtag

Meaningful verse that touches the couple's heart

Simple poem to thank the guests!

Fully customised cookie flavours + labels (with really cute messages related to the chosen flavours!)

We absolutely loved the chance to conceptualise and create new flavours 👩‍🍳

Feel free to drop us a message at 82827375 or email us at to enquire anything at all about your big day or event that you're looking to add that personal touch!




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brownie center cookie
rosemary brown butter cookie
dark chocolate sea salt cookie
chocolate with cheesecake cookie