Jan 2020

Things got pretty hectic since mid-autumn last year and I barely had any time to sit down for long, stone for a while, sing for a bit. Christmas got so crazy and Lunar New Year had to follow so closely. But really, thank you all so so much for the generous support and love for our creations, my team and I appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!

With some time now to breathe and reflect, I just want to share with you a little on our brownie/blondie and sablé cookie creations, some of the custom projects we worked on for the past few months, as well as the collaborations we did with some companies.

Our brownie/blondie recipe that took us a month to fine-tune and be happy with. I was, frankly, inspired by ghirardelli's dark chocolate brownie mix - it was chewy, rich, and really just satisfying. But if there was one thing i can change about it, it's to make it less sweet. And that kickstarted our journey to a chewy, decadent, somewhat adulting, brownie.

Our sablé cookie compilation (sorry it's incomplete, we didn't manage to take photos for all flavours!) from top left to bottom right, we have matcha, cheddar cheese, chocolate with peanut, and cranberry. There's no artificial coloring added at all, in case you're wondering ◡̈

Custom tote bags for Maje & Sandro (+ upsized sablé cookie gift set).

Fresh Blooms (from Fleurapy) + Sablé Cookies Gift Set

Thank you again for your interest in our creations, we are so grateful that you like to see/eat them!

Also, we have finalised our Valentine's collection and will be releasing more details very soon, stay tuned okay?

Warm regards,





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