F&S x ESB: Cheese Squares

"You know how cheesecakes are typically the rich and dense New York style or the light and fluffy Japanese style? And how the crust for New York cheesecake is usually soggy and lacks significant textural contrast to the cheese portion?"

That's how i started having a conversation with Felicia about creating a treat that could satisfy my cheesecake cravings. Something that could combine the light and fluffiness of Japanese cheesecake, with the decadence and creaminess of New York cheesecake.

Felicia stumbled upon baking when she was in between jobs 5 years ago, and it grew to become her hobby. Being self-taught and having a full-time job meant that the learning progress was much slower hence she took the plunge and enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu (Tokyo) in 2018. Attending culinary school is something, which she wanted to do all along as it allows her to live and breathe pastries and also surround herself with like-minded individuals.

Felicia: "I am a cheesecake fan, so naturally cheesecakes would be one of the things, which I tend to bake pretty often."

One of the classics from Egg Sugar Butter is the chocolate mousse cheesecake, which has a delightfully velvety and gratifying "cheesecake" layered with creamy dark chocolate mousse. The "cheesecake" is steam-baked to achieve a smooth and creamy consistency, instead of the typical New York cheesecake style. It actually resembles more of a cheese mousse in my opinion.

And instead of the mousse layer, we wanted to incorporate that light, fluffiness into the treat - which led to the idea of layering the creamy cheesecake with a soft sponge.

Felicia: "The cheesecakes are then cut into bite-sized pieces, as we all know how they can be pretty heavy on the palette at times."

So we came up with 2 flavours for you guys to have a taste of this creation.

The first flavour is Free Spirit: made with sweet and tangy mango and passionfruit blended into the bed of velvety, underbaked cheesecake, layered with fragrant coconut infused sponge cake, resonating an unrestrained and spontaneous spirit.

The second flavour is Ambitious Sailor: made with dark chocolate cake atop velvety, underbaked chocolate cheesecake, layered with speculoos crust and a generous pinch of sea salt. It's serious, rich goodness for the aspiring one sailing towards their goals.

Felicia: "What I like so much about baking is that it makes my day when someone enjoys my creations and people celebrate their special occasion with my cakes. Hope you guys will enjoy my cakes as much as I do."

About Egg Sugar Butter

Egg Sugar Butter specializes in French pastry techniques while combining Japanese cake making elements for light textures and unique flavours. At Egg Sugar Butter, we focus on refining and improving classic recipes, using techniques developed through training at Le Cordon Bleu (Tokyo). We are driven by our passion for the craft, and a simple love for delicious pastries.




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