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Under Shipping Details on next page, indicate recipient's information (except for email address).

Proceed with selecting preferred delivery option.

Under Payment, uncheck box for "Same as Shipping Address" - indicate your information here, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

To add

a note:

To add a short note with less than 50 characters, you can type it out in the "Anything to add?" (the field below Promo Code)

Do note that this note will be printed onto the delivery label and pasted on the delivery bag.

To add a longer message, you can select a card and type your full message on the product page.

This message will be printed directly onto the card. 

Ala carte cookie packaging

For 1-4 pieces of cookies, the default packaging is in individual paper bag.

For 5-6 pieces of cookies, the default packaging is in kraft paper box.

For request to pack cookies in specific configuration, please indicate in "Anything to add?" (the field below Promo Code)




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brownie center cookie
rosemary brown butter cookie
dark chocolate sea salt cookie
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